Körpü Metal is a leading Aluminium coil supplier in Turkey. For this reason, it manages to make its name mentioned with its quality products not only in Turkey but also in international markets. You can start using Aluminium coil products for a variety of products, high standards, and much more.

Turkey is one of the strongest countries in the field of Aluminium manufacturing. Our company has also carried out very successful studies in Turkey, which owes its strength to corporate companies! Our company is increasing its sector success every day with its high quality and products that meet consumer expectations in every sense.

Leading Aluminium Coil Supplier in Turkey

Along with the fact that production is gaining strength every day in Turkey, the number of coil suppliers is also increasing. This increase opens the door for demand to increase dec a similar way. Are you looking for a coil supplier to respond to quality product requests? Then you can start focusing on the exclusive solutions offered by our company to you.

  • Affordable Prices
  • Unlimited Stock
  • Quick Solutions
  • Quality Service
  • Timely Delivery
  • Variety of Products

Thanks to Aluminium coil supplier Turkey, which brings all these privileges together with you, you will be able to get the privileges.

Aluminium Coil Prices

As one of the most powerful companies in the Turkish market, Köprü Metal attracts attention due to its competitive solutions in international markets. In this context, as aluminium coil supplier Turkey, we meet your expectations with affordable prices. You can also browse our products to user preference in favor of quality. Our products, each of which offers high standards of solutions, allow you to achieve maximum quality. Let’s contact our team and get the best support in terms of the aluminium coil!

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Our aluminum product group includes aluminum coil, aluminum sheet, aluminum plate, aluminum trapezoidal, aluminum profile and aluminum foil products. Our galvanized products include galvanized sheet, galvanized coil, galvanized profile, galvanized strip and galvanized trapeze. Our insulation products include rockwool exterior board, rockwool industrial mattress and glasswool partition board. Our metal processing services include sheet cutting, bending, roll length cutting and slitting, sheet sizing, perforated sheet, laser cutting, anodized coating. As Köprü Metal, you can send an e-mail to info@koprumetal.com for detailed information about our products and services that will meet all your needs and demands, call our phone number +90 216 499 33 37 or contact us on our contact page.