As a leading Assan aluminium distributor, Köprü Metal has a strong infrastructure. Köprü Metal, which has a very strong structure in the field of metal production in Turkey, brings quality and durable metal products to the consumer. Within this framework, it is possible to have solutions of high quality and high standards. Assan distributor should be your choice for the products that will respond to every request!

What Does Assan Aluminium Distributor Mean?

Assan is recognized as one of the strongest brands in the field of metal production in Turkey. Assan, which brings metal standards to the top, answers the demands of every manufacturer in the maximum sense. Within this framework, it is always special to prefer Assan metal products. Köprü Metal does not compromise on quality when introducing Assan products to you.

You can also have the following products when you contact us to use Assan aluminium products.

  • Aluminium Sheet
  • Aluminium Plate
  • Galvanized Sheet
  • Anodized Sheet Metal
  • Coil Sheet
  • Colored Sheet Metal
  • Trapezoidal Sheet Metal

All these options are important for obtaining high-quality and high-performance options. Our company, which puts convenience at the forefront, responds to your every need. Therefore, it will be possible to open the door to the most successful options without any loss of standards.

Prices of Assan Products

As an Assan aluminium distributor, we also keep prices at the most appropriate level with an uncompromising approach in favor of quality. Within this framework, we respond to your expectations in the best way. You can also contact us for affordable prices, fast delivery, and perfect service. We respond to all your requests with our professional team.

Our team awaiting to help you. Moreover, our production line is ready to serve you the best options. Let’s contact us.

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Our aluminium product group includes aluminium coil, aluminium sheet, aluminium plate, aluminium trapezoidal, aluminium profile and aluminium foil products. Our galvanized products include galvanized sheet, galvanized coil, galvanized profile, galvanized strip and galvanized trapeze. Our insulation products include rockwool exterior board, rockwool industrial mattress and glasswool partition board. Our metal processing services include sheet cutting, bending, roll length cutting and slitting, sheet sizing, perforated sheet, laser cutting, anodized coating. As Köprü Metal, you can send an e-mail to for detailed information about our products and services that will meet all your needs and demands, call our phone number +90 216 499 33 37 or contact us on our contact page.