A distributor is the name of a natural or legal person who supplies products to a store or company. The distributor’s task is to purchase by going with the world or through another operator on his channel. At this point, the Assan distributor refers to the companies that supply Assan products.

Distributors who undertake all sales activities of the product distribute work by taking a commission from the sales they make or the sales they are an intermediary for at specified rates. As Köprü Metal, we are the distributor of Assan company and we deliver the best products of the company to you in a professional way.

What Does Assan Distributor Do? What are their Duties and Responsibilities?

The distributor often plays a more active role than the wholesaler, along with taking on the role of wholesaler. The wholesaler needs a language for marketing and uses to have the opportunity to create a sales channel for himself or to make logistics expenses. The distributor is a registered system user or displays task plans according to the plans of any products or definitions. The distributor’s information can be collected under the following headings.

  • Market and sell the products of the manufacturer or wholesaler,
  • Pre-sale food to sellers, preparation of new products,
  • Marketing and selling products to dealers and system integrators

Top Quality Assan Distributor

Köprü Metal is a company that carries out its activities in this field in the highest quality and most reliable way. In this context, it keeps customer satisfaction at the highest level with its products and professional staff.

As an Assan distributor, Köprü metal also delivers the products of this company to its customers in the best way. If you want to have a professional and high-quality product in this field, you are at the right address. You can get detailed information about this by contacting us immediately and taking advantage of our products.

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