Exterior Wall Cladding, Advertising Board, Glass Lath, Plaster and Corner Profiles, Suspended Ceiling, Sandwich Panel, Mosque Dome, Trapeze, Clamped Roof, Roof Accessories, Rain Gutter, Composite Panel, Traffic Sign, Door Applications, Shutter / Garage Door


Flexible Packaging, Crumpled Container, Kitchen Foil, Lid Foil, Cigarette Foil, Medicine Foil, Bottle Cap


Heat Shield, Truck Chassis, Tailgate, Bus Body, Auto radiators, Condensers, Oil coolers, Exhaust gas coolers, Auto Plate

Industrial Applications

Filter, Evaporator, Deep Freezer, Air Conditioner Case, Insulation, Cable Foil

Shipbuilding Industry

Aluminum Body – Building Systems, Sail Masts

Aircraft and Defense Industry

Wing and Body Coverings, Scissor Nets, Pulley Supports, Dials, Clips, Channels