Painter aluminum coil Turkey is one of the most important issues in the metal sector. In addition to being visually good quality, you are likely to buy aluminum products that are also useful with the advantage of Köprü Metal.

What Are The Features of Painted Aluminum?

Painted aluminum coil Turkey properties are one of the topics that many brands who want to use aluminum are interested in. If you are also going to exchange aluminum with Köprü Metal privileges, you should make sure that our products have the following characteristics.

  • It is very durable because it is products that are cured in the oven and have high elasticity,
  • Its formability and resistance in external environments are flawless,
  • Reduces your costs as it provides transportation advantage,
  • Provides eco-friendly use and is ideal for waste,
  • It can be preferred according to the area while providing energy efficiency.

Given all these features of painted aluminum, it will be very advantageous to order for you as well.

What Are the Uses of Painted Aluminum?

Below we have listed where painted aluminum, which is one of the widest types of aluminum, can be used. If you are serving in one of these areas, you can choose painted aluminum.

  • Sandwich Panel
  • Trapezoidal
  • Clamped Roof
  • Suspended Ceiling
  • Mosque Dome
  • Door
  • Auto Plate
  • Billboard
  • Garage Door
  • Composite Panel
  • White Goods
  • Channel
  • Sign Board

By choosing a product that has such a wide range of uses, you can capture more than enough quality. Especially the fact that it has a visually ideal image distinguishes this aluminum variety from others.

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