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What Is Aluminum?

Pure aluminum has a bright and white color, while this changes when it comes into contact with air. As a result of the contact of this substance with air, the substance is oxidized and matted. Again, pure aluminum is soft and durable as a structure. This element is treated as an alloy along with other elements. In this case, highly durable alloys appear. Aluminum alloys have the ability to be forged and machined. Again, paint and varnish can be made on these alloys. There is a property of the oxide layer on the surface of this element, which has the property of oxidation as a result of contact with air. This property, on the other hand, is that this oxide layer has a protective structure.

aluminium coil

Although the thickness of the oxide layer is less than 2.5 to 5 mm, it is very durable and strong. If the oxide layer is melted, this layer becomes thicker. This, in turn, means protecting the aluminum that is molten. For this reason, it is not possible to burn a thin aluminum leaf even in a hydrogen flame. Aluminum has the ability to transmit heat and electricity. Although this element is highly resistant to many acids and chemicals, it is active against alkalis and hydrochloric acid.

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