Do you need support from a Turkish Aluminium sheet supplier? You are at the right address. Köprü metal offers you the highest quality and most reliable products. Aluminium is a light, silvery and rust-resistant metal with machinable properties and is one of the most obtained elements in nature. In ancient times, Greek and Roman civilizations used Aluminium salts to fix paint colors. In other words, we can say that it was a preferred item in terms of decoration in those days as well.

What Are the Properties of Aluminium?

Aluminium, which is found in a compound state together with bauxite in nature, is formed as a result of the interaction of limestone and skate rocks with air and weathering. Purified Aluminium is a low-strength material. For this reason, when it takes the form of a component with substances with high durability, and stretchable properties, it can naturally enter the class of hard and luminescent treatable materials. Because Aluminium does not cause sparks.

An Aluminium plate is a material obtained from Aluminium by the rolling method. The thin one of this material, which is a sector by itself, is called sheet metal, and the thick one is called a plate. These products, which are very resistant to atmospheric corrosion, can easily take the desired shape. The conductivity of these substances to electricity and heat is quite high. Thanks to its appearance, it is also quite suitable for decorative coatings.

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Thanks to its high welding ability.  it can be welded in any desired way. Sheet metal plates are between 1 mm and 10 mm and are used in sectors such as advertising, automotive, machinery, construction, and energy, while thick plates are used in many sectors such as molding, machine production, defense industry, ship production. If you also need Aluminium in various fields, you can choose us.

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