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Aluminum, as it is known, is a soft nonmetal. After the aluminum coil is made into aluminum Bilet, it is expressed as a drawn state with the desired mold from extrusion.

Aluminum coil production is generally done by extrusion companies. Aluminum extrusion companies make aluminum extrusion die according to the coil you will use. They pass the aluminum billet heated through these molds. Thus, the desired aluminum profile is produced by aluminum extrusion companies.

To avoid corrosion in ambient conditions, the aluminum coil is in a way to close its holes at the micro-level that can come into contact with air, thus making the aluminum coil resistant to corrosion, that is, rust.

aluminium coil provider turkey

What Is Aluminum Coil?

Aluminum is used in all types of capacitors, from the smallest types to large power capacitors. Foil windings are also suitable for some transformers and coils. Foil thicknesses range in 34 stages from 0.040 mm to 1.2 mm. Copper wire uses 60% of the volume, but aluminum conductors use 90% of the volume, resulting in a better volume factor than the wire-wrapped copper coil. Better volume factors make heating and cooling easier. Rapid radial heat transfer ensures a regular temperature profile. The disadvantage of aluminum is its mechanical durability, which is especially poor in terms of making yellows and connections.

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